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September 27, 2011
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Hyrule: Total War - Model List by UndyingNephalim Hyrule: Total War - Model List by UndyingNephalim
I thought the Model Dump was getting too messy so I decided to post the models in a more organized manner. Here now are all the characters, creatures, and NPC's that will appear in my fangame Hyrule: Total War. Do note that this is incomplete and the model count will surely more then double by the time the game is done. It's my goal to create the deepest and richest Zelda game ever (yes, lofty and perhaps arrogant of me to try and top the official ones made by Nintendo, but hey we all have crazy dreams). Also note the models are not scaled relative to their proper sizes so that they'd all fit here.

Visit the development forums for more information about this game: [link]

For those curious as to what's-what here they are from Left to Right:

Kingdom of Hyrule: Princess Zelda I (ALttP style outfit), Princess Zelda II (Queen's outfit), Princess Zelda III (TP style outfit), Princess Zelda IV (OoT style outfit), Princess Zelda V (Young Zelda outfit), Mythical Pricess Zelda (Skyward Sword outfit), Town Guards, Soldier Recruits, Light Infantry, Crossbowman, Hyrulean Knights, Castle Guards, Iron-clad Elites, Captains, Generals, Triforce Vanguards, Trebuchets

Gerudo: Ganondorf, Twinrova, Nabooru, Runeka, Scouts, Glaive Grunts, Marauders, Dune Archers, Mounted Scouts, Mounted Marauders, Mounted Dune Archers, Gerudadorfs, Bronze Knuckles, Iron Knuckles, Wind Witches, Vagrudanons, Ashinon Captains, Ashinon Generals, Catapults

Gorons: Darunia, King Dodongo, Dangoro, Guardians, Berzerkers, Tribal Monks, Miners, Bombthrowers, Rams, Fire Warriors, Ruby Guards, Ruby Captains, Ruby Generals, Powder Keg Launchers

Zora: King Zora Farkos, Princess Ruto, Zaleen, Zora Troopers, Zora Mages, Zora Healers, Bigocto Riders, Shock Troopers, Sapphire Wardens, Sapphire Generals, Mage Cannons

Kokiri: Saria, Mirora, The Great Deku Tree, Kokiri Detatchments, Kokiri Miniute-men, Slingshotters, Wolfos Riders, Mudmen of Faron, Grove Watchers, Emerald Archers, Koroks, Korok Commanders, Kokiri Captains, Korok Generals, Bouldershots

Gohma: Sulkaris, Mido (infested), Matriarch, Gohma Larva (Newborn, Juvenile, Adolescent), Gohma Queens, Pincergohmas, Gohma Long-Legs, Royal Larva, Armogohma

Ordona Province: Rusl, Annara, Ilia, Farmers, Militiamen, Farmer Archers, Shepherds, Horsemen, Rangers, Lumberjacks, Goat Lords, Hawkmen, Elder Goats, Milita Captains, Goat Lord Generals, Catapults

Lanayru Province: Queen Rutela, Prince Ralis, Laruto, Conscripts, Coral Lancers, Coral Archers, Coast Riders, Ocean Guards, Maidens, Battlecrabs, Archer Battlecrabs, Arurodas, Veteran Captains, Veteran Generals, Coralmold Ballista

The Deku Tribes: The Deku King, Deku Princess, Voice of Odolwa, Forest Scrubs, Pine Scrubs (aka Weed Scrubs), Yucca Scrubs, Fungi Scrubs, Lily Scrubs, Royal Scrubs, Magnolia Scrubs, Peahats, Royal Captains, Royal Generals, Orhats

Stalfos: Lord Akazoo, General Onox, Stallord, Undead Hylians, Undead Gerudo, Undead Zora, Stalkin, Stallhound, Parutamu, ReDeads, Scythe Lords, Dead Hands, Reaper Generals

Moblins: King Ganon, Ogalon, King Bulblin, Demise, Miniblins, Bokoblins, Bulblins, Boar Riders, Moblins, Moblin Grunts, Bigblins, Moblin Chieftains, Moblin Champions, Catapults

Sheikah Cadre: Agahnim, Impa, Bongo-Bongo, Sheikah Spies, Sheikah Monks, Interrogators, Assassins, Truthbearers, Kingslayers, Devoured, Red Wizards, Shadow Lords, Shadow Cannons

Darknut Legion: Senturon, Onan, Zalunbar, Initiates, Adepts, Masters, Mighties, Legendaries, Deities, Dishonored, Fokka Knights, Legion Heads, Army Heads, Siege Ram

Lizalfos: Nardu the White, Okakusha the Green, Talik the Red, Vakat the Winged, Finders, River-Runners, Tree-Hoppers, Bird-Catchers, Helmasaur Riders, Dinalfos, Darkhammers, Song-Sayers, Aeralfos, Queen Commanders, Queen Generals, Catapults

Labrynna Regime: Queen Ambi, Ralph, Veran, Borderguards, Homeguards, Pioneers, Knights of Ambi, Palace Watch, Gunners, Tokay Slaves, Mechs, Bronze Captains, Bronze Generals, Cannons

Fairies of Tarm: Essence of Tarm, the Fairy Queen, Dezaia, Pink/Green/Violet Fairies, Humanoid Manifests, Korrigans, Golems, Great Fairies, Phantoms of Tarm, Supreme Great Fairies, Beam Golems,

Kingdom of Ikana: King Igos Du Ikana, Captain Keeta, Garo Master, The Drafted, Gatekeepers, Footmen, Boltmen, Garo Ninjas, Gibdos, Noblemen, Captains

Forces of Twilight: Princess Midna, King Zant, Argorok, Infantry, Sorceress, Bonemold Monks, Shadow Messengers, Shadow Kargoroks, Shadow Insects, Shadow Bloats, Twili Spider Swarm, Shadow Assassins, Master Sorcress, Arch Sorceress, Avatar of Majora, Sol Cannon

Order of the Wizzrobe: Nostrum, Hylia the False Goddess, Carock, Acolytes, Pyromancers, Aquamancers, Electromancers, Geomancers, Aeromancers, Illusionists, Herders, Heralds, Earth Reapers

Oocca: Mediator Ooccoo, Demokan Scouts, Demokan Emissaries

Church of Majora: Master Entity, Disciples of Majora, Seeker Entities, Mask Entities, Wrath Entities, Eyes of Majora, Followers of Majora (can be any unit of any faction).

Mercs, NPC's, Other: Malon, Ashei, Blind the Thief, Rogue Hylian Soldiers, Gerudo Pirates, Forest Thieves, Tokay Hunters, Tokay One-With-Shirt, Subrosian Excavators, Zuna Merchantmen, Zuna Crossbowmen, Daira Marauders, Yook Smashers, Geru Macemen, Keaton Highwaymen, Huskus Bounty Hunters.

And way too much more to come.
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IrateResearchers Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2014
So, if Majora is a key player, will one faction have the Fierce Deity?

I only ask, because I have long craved to pit Onigami against Ganon.
This is the most clever thing I had ever seen
StrandedGeek Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2014
I notice you had Labrynna & Subrosia, I wonder what became of Holodrum?
UndyingNephalim Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2014
The Fairies of Tarm technically are the holders of Holodrum, along with the Horonians:…
Mewcarion Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
words cannot describe how awesome this is.
emersonsb Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2013
SerenaHarmonia Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2013  Student General Artist
Midna´s so baddass :D Love this
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UndyingNephalim Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2013
Request has been sent. :nod:
Thank you for the invitation.
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