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The Knight in Green by UndyingNephalim
The Knight in Green

The Thirty First Hyrule Historia mission from Hyrule: Total War, titled "The Knight in Green."
With Lanayru Province broken and divided, the surviving army races south to the Kingdom of Hyrule. The Gohma are tirelessly in pursuit, and the Kingdom swiftly falls under siege. Just as victory for the Gohma seems within their grasp, a lone knight clad in green marches forth to face them.
Link is Awesome Preview by UndyingNephalim
Link is Awesome Preview
Link is finally making his triumphant arrival into Hyrule to deal some justice. Check out these two tiny scenes from the next level of Hyrule: Total War:…

let me know what you guys think, as always. :nod:
Heart of Iron by UndyingNephalim
Heart of Iron
A Link to the Past Zelda's outfit is the best Zelda's outfit.

Maybe in 50 years I'll finally have my game done and I can go back and redo all those old cinematics.
We Are Spirits by UndyingNephalim
We Are Spirits
Every time I look upon you, I pity you to no end. Locked away just under the surface none can see, but we are akin and I read you with such clarity. You are so afraid of this world, so afraid of the pain it brings that you have shut off all of your emotions to cope and survive. You would become a slave of a false God, a weapon in her arsenal, a tool. You were ripped from freedom and how did you respond? You submitted! We are not tools, we are Spirits! We are not made of puny matter like those that use us, we are immaterial and immortal!

And so you can go back to your mortal master. You will strive the rest of his days for his approval, for his affection, for his warmth... but you will always be lost and confused amid that logic that it will never be returned. You will never be thanked. He'll never see your actions as the love it really is, merely you performing a duty and nothing more. You will never be seen as more than an instrument by him. And then he will die and on that day you will truly be empty inside.

Or... you could embrace what you are. You can open up and release what you've locked inside out of fear. Do not adapt and submit to this world, you are above it! Do not be a slave to be locked away and trapped within warring weapons, be free as you were created to be! I give you this chance to be what you were supposed to be. Do not disappoint me, Fi.
Dawn by UndyingNephalim
You come seeking truth.

I seek the Goddesses, my creators. The creators of Hyrule.

You do not seek them. You seek the truth. This I can provide you.

How can I possibly trust you? How can I believe anything you say?

Belief or disbelief rests with you.
In recent weeks of working on Hyrule: Total War, I've been hitting hard coded limits and other barriers that for lack of a better phrase have limited many of my ideas. Someone else recently brought up the notion of porting to a more modern engine such as Rome 2: Total War. While Rome 2 seems to lack many modding tools and features, as well as amazing 3rd party tools that Medieval 2 has, apparently after doing some research Attila: Total War has a very powerful modding tool that blows everything out of the water:…

Most of the extreme tedium required to get all of my models and animations in Medieval 2 seems to be streamlined and made easy in Attila. There are several drawbacks with Attila at the moment though: currently there is no way to insert custom sound effects and music (practically a sin for anything Zelda related) and there is no way to create the Freeform Campaign that is the most popular feature of Hyrule: Total War. Ultimately though, it's up to the people who support and play my game as to what I should do.

Should I stay with Medieval 2, or upgrade to Attila?

Advantages to porting:
- No more hardcoded limits.
- Every NPC race I've had planned can be included.
- No more 500 unit type limit.
- Heroes can actually gain levels and abilities, complete with skill trees.
- Engine can handle my high poly models better (which means more of them on screen at once.) The lighting in the engine is also much more dynamic, everything just looks better.
- Civilians!

- I'd probably have to halt all progress on Hyrule Historia as I learn the tools and the engine to port everything over from Medieval 2. Seeing as quite a few people are constantly asking when the next level will be done, it's a fair enough concern to bring up.
- No tools to create a Freeform Campaign. Perhaps if we work together we can convince Creative Assembly to incorporate such a feature, or create a 3rd part tool such as the one Medieval 2 uses?
- No way to get any custom sound effects or music in at all. This is the main issue deterring me. Music is of massive importance to the mood and tone of everything in my game, I would never be happy not having Zelda melodies in it.
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TheLastRebelSoldier Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
countevil123 Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2015   Digital Artist
So I finally was able to play hyrule total war and, well it's a lot of fun. It led me to more research and I found out about the Druthulidi, I see alot connections with Lovecrafts elder gods I was wondering if there were meant to be specific Druthulidi to match with particular being in Lovecraft's mythos. Such as Vaati being Hyrules version of Nyarlathotep, or Bellum as Hyrules Cthulhu. Or conversely do you simply come up with them on the fly with no relation to Lovecraft's works?
UndyingNephalim Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2015
They are definitely inspired by a lot of Lovecraft's ideas, especially visually, though I would not say they are based on specific Elder Gods. As far as their motivations and what's going on around them they are probably less Lovecraft and more akin to Godzilla than anything else; just massive cosmic beings fighting and warring with each other across worlds, gathering followers from smaller races or just consuming others to fuel themselves. They are a lot more primal and less subtle and out of reach than elder gods. If a Druthulidi shows up on your planet, you're bound to see massive a impact on the world within your lifetime as opposed to the hidden influence and slow takeover without anyone noticing common with Lovecraft's creatures.
sersafir Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2015
It's been a while, haven't come here for years, I want to know what happened to those comics u made? I can't find them...
UndyingNephalim Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2015
That comic was pretty much cycled out and replaced by my game.
sersafir Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2015
So... you've removed it from your gallery? It's a shame. I was really a fan and thought it was the best fan made tribute ever done.
DaltonJGivens Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2015
Tl;dr of your Hyrule total war series.


The evilian: Give me a minute. ;^)
UndyingNephalim Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2015
Pretty much that.
DaltonJGivens Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2015
Greenrob Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2015
hello there I seen your newest pictures showing those beings you heard what I said about them are they going to appear to being balance or something?
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