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Proportions by UndyingNephalim
Fi: I predict that there is a high chance I will not adapt to this environment.
Link: Well I predict this here will help.
Fi: What is it, Master?
Link: It's cider, and I said don't call me Master anymore.
Fi: Yes, My Lord.
Link: For such a knowledgeable person you are surprisingly thick.
Fi: I disagree and conclude my body's thin proportions are above standards and quite ideal.

A double whamy here. My version of Link finally shown in all his scruffy glory, as well as Fi manifesting as a physical being á la Ghirahim. Fi's design here is actually based almost entirely on Webmegami's wonderful design of Fi, which I sort of gushed over when I first saw it several years ago. You can check it out here.
Falco Lombardi by UndyingNephalim
Falco Lombardi
The Ace, jerk of the team, and all around ego-centric fighter pilot. I used the same technique to add independent feathers to Falco as I did with my Wizzrobe characters to give him a bit more detail. It'll be a nice challenge to animate Falco's face... beaks are not exactly as expressive and malleable as mouths or snouts.
Much Safer Merchandise by UndyingNephalim
Much Safer Merchandise
Kydora: Do you sell entertainment? Games? Such things are banned here. Too many wars over it.
Vairuhn: Oh no no no no! Much too risky! People kill each other over such things! I sell weapons, guns. Much safer merchandise! 
Word of God by UndyingNephalim
Word of God
Kydora: I have heard word from God. He has made me witness to the idols that have silently crept into our hearts. I behold the celebrities of flesh and blood that we so uphold and bow to. My eyes have been opened to the factions that kill each other over the escapism created to entertain us. I see clearly now that we worship the very nostalgia itself, halting us and freezing us in pain and in time.
We deem such things flawless and sacred, God says not so! 
We war against each other over such things, God says no more!
Our great empire fell in the Old Times to these things, God has made known that we must rid of them!

This is the word of God that I have been sent: destroy these idols or they will destroy you.
Of Princess and Portents by UndyingNephalim
Of Princess and Portents

I've without a doubt spent more time on this animation alone then the last several combined. A month with no beaks and here we are.

The twenty seventh Hyrule Historia mission from Hyrule: Total War, titled "Of Princess and Portents."
In the decade following the Gerudo Wars, the fifth Princess Zelda was born. Throughout her life she witnesses powerful and confusing dreams that would cause her to burn up. Little did she or anyone know the gift of foresight was blessed to her, and on the morning following a prophetic vision the ancient Gohma spring from hiding and assault the Kingdom.

Support on Patreon:…
Well, I'm being asked left and right who I would cast for a live action Zelda series. I guess I'll just answer the questions in one location and link everyone to it. For those of you who are curious, this would be my ideal cast for Netflix's rumored Zelda show:…
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paxtofettel Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2015
I'm curious:

How did you manage to include naval combat in Great Sea Total War? 
UndyingNephalim Featured By Owner 5 days ago
I found some loopholes with how settlements work and combined it with some animation trickery.
paxtofettel Featured By Owner 5 days ago
Damn, couldn't have been easy.
aureola-tutore Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
Uh, hello there! You've probably got this question about a billion times before (and are probably facepalming right about now) but I can't find any working downloads for The Fallen Sage and Time's Menagerie.
I first learned about them when searching for Saria's Song remixes on Youtbe, and the Saria Praelium came up. That then escalated into a month-long internet ravage for a working link. 
Of which I could find exactly none xD. I would really REALLY like to play this game, so if there are any working downloads, could you send them to me? Both TFS and TM look amazing *starry eyes* and I'm losing the plot trying to find them!
UndyingNephalim Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2015
If I can find the files I'll try and upload them again. I've mostly abandoned my older games, I'm not exactly proud of them. ^^;
aureola-tutore Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
Thank you! They may not be your greatest creation (I dunno!) but I'm still interested, especially since the music is epicness personified xD Infinitely  better than some of the temple themes from Ocarina of Time xD Thanks a lot!
Pentacoil Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Welcomes you to the family.
Feel free to submit any time :) (Smile) be sure to read the rules.
They are nothing fansy, the're more like .. gidelines AGREED.
mooglesareevil Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2015
So what do you think about zelda u being an open world game?
UndyingNephalim Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2015
I don't know if I really have any opinion on it. There have been several open world Zelda games in the past and most of them were pretty good.
mooglesareevil Featured By Owner 6 days ago…
It pretty much like the first zelda game there finally keeping to the roots
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