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Confronting Ganondorf by UndyingNephalim
Confronting Ganondorf

The twenty fifth Hyrule Historia mission from Hyrule: Total War, titled "Confronting Ganondorf."
With Agahnim dead and the cooperation of Gerudo and Darknuts abolished, the Kingdom of Hyrule strikes back and unleashes a year long campaign to reclaim their lands. With the tables turned they now invade Ashinon to confront Ganondorf and bring an end to the Gerudo people. As he and his people face extinction, a young Nabooru receives visions from a mysterious Darknut as the Wizzrobe send Link on his first mission.
Random Twili Sketches by UndyingNephalim
Random Twili Sketches
I have not really posted any of my non-model stuff up here in a long time, so here's som quick and dirty sketches of Twili related stuff in one of Hyrule: Total War's expansion packs. I will have fun modeling these sometime in the next decade.
Cast of Event Horizon by UndyingNephalim
Cast of Event Horizon
The entire roster of playable characters in Star Fox: Event Horizon. I highly recommend checking out the character section on the website for more info:…

Also check out the forums for new updates and characters reveals.

Some videos of them all in action:
Fox through Falyf:…
Colonel Harrion and Lucy:…
Gisata and General Pepper:…
Admiral Peppy Hare and Amanda Toad:…
Zazan and…
General Scales and…
Slippy and Captain…
James McCloud and…
Agahnim's Descent by UndyingNephalim
Agahnim's Descent

The twenty fourth Hyrule Historia mission from Hyrule: Total War, titled "Agahnim's Descent." 

Ganondorf and his army of Gerudo continue to tear Hyrule apart. The now orphaned fourth Princess Zelda plots to strike at Agahnim with hopes that his death will split the Darknut and Gerudo alliance. As Agahnim's plans begin to spiral out of control and his daughter personally sets out to kill him, the wizard Sheikah falls back onto desperate measures as he descends into madness.
After some time of thought, reflection, and hearing from others I have decided to issue a public apology. Long story short, I feel like I have expressed unnecessarily harsh opinions about a certain series of video games and its fandom.  You can read the full apology here:…
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