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Guardian by UndyingNephalim
Carock: "A Wizzrobe that devotes his study to that of Illusion is always in danger of being lost to his own deceptions. Many have gone insane mastering the power, losing their perception of the true world as what they warp becomes evermore closer to reality. An Illusionist therefore chooses a person or individual to focus on, to keep their mind bound to reality. Usually the person is someone they grew up with, someone they have put much hope in, someone they see with so much potential. Usually that person means the world to them, more than the real and any illusory one they could ever create."

Lana: "Who means that much to you?"

Carock: "You."
Illusions by UndyingNephalim
Carock: "Please Lana, if you won't let me heal the burns, let me conceal them."

Lana: "I'm tired of illusions, Carock. I've lived my life putting them in front of my eyes, in hopes they would become reality. I was a child to think such things, to hope rather than act. Leave the burns alone. I'll not conceal myself with more illusions, I will be judged from their appearance.

Carock: "A Wizzrobe never judges one by appearances, you have nothing to prove with them. Not to anyone, and not to me. I have always been here for you and always will be."

Lana: "If only others were as empathic as you."

Carock: "Not everyone is perfect."
The First Mage by UndyingNephalim
The First Mage
Lana: "I am Lana, the first Hylian Mage to grace the land since the ancient times of Sulkaris and the Gohma, wielder of the last Cane of Byrna, commander of the Order of the Wizzrobe's first detatchment and all you have to say about that is "your hair is blue?"

Link: "Yeah, it's distracting."

Lana: "Remind me why you were chosen before me..."

Link: "My dashing looks?"
The Ascent by UndyingNephalim
The Ascent
Zunari: "I'd say this is a sign you've gone completely mad!"

Yeketo: "We have to reach the top of the mountain, I made something for you!"

Zunari: "Again, wouldn't it be more sane to tell me than to risk falling down a mountain?"

Yeketo: "Words won't work, you can only see it from the peak."

Zunari: "Dear me, we are going to die..."
I've started writing random rambling articles on the Total War website. Mostly just random thoughts and opinions that cross my mind. Things no one should put much stock in. Here's the first one, Hidden Themes that Make Five Zelda Games Better than You Thought.…
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TheIceFox Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2015
How did I not know you existed until now? This is pretty dang amazing! You might give me a reason to install total war II now!
UndyingNephalim Featured By Owner 4 days ago
I guess I don't advertise myself well enough. ^^;
Brobsuglydoodles Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2015
Hey, UndyingNephalim. Can I ask a question?

Have you discontinued Hyrule Total War? I thought you had back in last summer but judging by the updates it doesn't seem so.
UndyingNephalim Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2015
There are announcements pretty much every other day and releases coming out all the time, pretty much everything on the front of my DA page is Hyrule: Total War stuff.
Brobsuglydoodles Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2015
Oh man, I must have misinterpreted what I read back then or something.
Considering how much I love the mod, this is very good news to me.
UndyingNephalim Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2015
I post new stuff here on DA, though more detailed updates are here:…
Zeldanerd7789 Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thoughts on the new Zelda trailer? I know you're more of a story guy than a gameplay guy but goddamn is it looking good so far
UndyingNephalim Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2014
I don't really have many positive things to say, nor many negative. I'll probably just leave it at that.
Regreme Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2014
I continue to love your amazing works.:D

Out of curiosity, will you be including an altered rendition of Lokomos too? Like, perhaps mini-magic androids, since all their specialties are with magical trains and whatnot. Sure, they appeared like mini-Hylians... but at least Byrne's eyes looked glowing and different, and Wind Waker style isn't good at showing details.
UndyingNephalim Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2014
There will be Lokomos, Byrne's been around for awhile:…
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