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Strangled to Death by UndyingNephalim
Strangled to Death
Ganondorf: There was a time this land was fertile and prosperous. Our people had great cities and monuments to their name. Our empire stretched from the shores of Ontheon to the Zora River. Statues of Kings greater than I loomed before the people. The Gerudo were feared and respected even as the winds of Kovaloo beckoned. Not even the mighty Cliff Lords and their Legion would look down on us from on high. We had everything.

Where is all of that now? Buried under sand. Strangled away slowly by the crusading power of the east. Dead. Forgotten. And for what? The Gerudo were a great garden standing firm in the desert. Now we are a wilting flower being strangled to death by the vine that is Hylian.

Ogalon: And you hate them for it?

Ganondorf: Of course I hate them! I hate everything about them! Their superstitious religion! Their self righteous dominance! Their smug superiority and their self appointed tyranny! Their Princess and their stupid, pointed ears! I hate them all!
Nostalgia by UndyingNephalim
All things must grow or die, he once told me. Though I already suffered the pains he warned me of, I did not understand what he meant all those years ago.
In his wisdom, my great father had told me not to fall into that trap. Pain for the past, there is no stronger force in all of Hyrule he said. That yearning, that ever present gnawing hunger tearing you apart day by day to revisit, to relive, to experience those singular defining moments again. It blinds us. It keeps us in place. It kills us slowly and cruelly with its tempting illusion only to leave you thirsty and parched. All progress halts in its wake, the joys of the here and now falling on deaf ears, obsessing forever in what is past and gone. He said those that become victims of nostalgia will be forever empty, forever clamoring for those moments lost, forever broken inside. Desperately wishing so bad... but always starving, always ravenous, always unfulfilled.

All things must grow or die, he once told me. I wish I had taken my great father's word to heart.
Aparoid Assault by UndyingNephalim
Aparoid Assault

Next to Slippy, the Aparoids apparently have a fanbase I never knew existed and are pretty often requested. I always liked the general concept of the Aparoids. They are for all intents and purposes how the Borg were originally designed in Star Trek, until budget and lack of special effects forced them to be guys in a costume instead of logically superior multi limbed insectoids. They were just poorly executed in their first and only appearance, much like Star Fox: Assault in general. The poor game was rushed out the door in under two years sadly.

Anyway, check out this playthrough of a level where I blow up a nest of the poor buggers.
A Machine of Faith by UndyingNephalim
A Machine of Faith
Norin: You don't speak like them. Your words express themselves. Your face expresses itself. You knew I was just outside your perception. And you're... very loud.
E.W.: Yes! There are few like me left. Sadly my kind became quite stubborn. They abandon the gifts our makers gave them thinking it makes them somehow superior, but not me! They limited themselves to just their senses, closing themselves off from the truths of this universe hiding right beside them. Truths like you! Always trying to measure, to quantify, categorize, compartmentalize, analyze, to see, to feel... not realizing there is so much more out there that our puny minds just can't even begin to unravel! Bah, how lost my people are!
Norin: A Machine of faith?
E.W.: Oh all my people have faith. It takes extraordinary faith to disbelieve in what's hiding just past the reach of your senses!
Vederiction by UndyingNephalim
We do not breathe. We do not eat. We do not sleep. We do not stop.
We have outlasted our gods. We know true freedom. We do not suffer the enslavement of your passions, or your religions, or your creeds and your self conflict. We are the Vederiction of our fallen deities, their visage perfected. We have marched upon the cosmos long before your ancestors left their home, and we will endure long after your dying reptilian civilization perishes on the chain of worlds. 
In the last few weeks, Nintendo has been getting really ban happy on Fan works, let's plays, and other videos tied to their content. In just the last week we saw the complete shut down of a fan made Super Mario 64 game and popular youtube personality Angry Joe explode on Nintendo for docking his lets plays. Seeing as I've put 7 years virtually non stop into a giant Zelda fan game, the looming fear of Nintendo getting Cease and Desist happy with my work has been really getting to me lately. If Nintendo were to terminate Hyrule: Total War, that's seven years of my life pretty much gone and out the window. Thousands upon thousands of hours creating models, animating, and doing everything I've done for it to just be gone. Yeah, not an appealing idea in the slightest and I feel there's little I could do to defend myself in that scenario. The issue has soured my mood to work on anything Zelda related, and this is something I've been losing sleep over. I'm really not sure what to do, and seeing Nintendo's recent actions of stomping all over their online fan presence ever since instating their Creator's Program I feel like diplomacy would fall on deaf ears in their chain of command. I am extremely thankful that I've never had any issues or action taken against my work and videos by Nintendo, but this recent "all guns blazing" attitude of their's against fan created content has me really worried, and I'm starting to feel like it's only a matter of time before they decide to shut down my work. Am I just being paranoid?
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StrandedGeek Featured By Owner 10 hours ago
I got a thought/idea, (although I'm not sure if I had suggested this, probably did sorry I forget things) I was wondering what you would do with the Metroid series? Cus you treat Zelda amazingly and while I don't follow Star Fox I do like what I see put out.
UndyingNephalim Featured By Owner 4 hours ago
I've had a few ideas for Metroid, but probably not enough to justify or motivate me to make an entire game. A few years ago I  almost started a MOBA sort of Metroid game (before League of Legends and all the DotA clones took off, mind you), where you could choose to play as one of the bounty hunters and customize a ship and participate in large 4 v 4 death matches. I guess I just feel like I don't need to change anything in Metroid which is why it never got past a level testing stage. With only one screw up it's been Nintendo's most consistently well done series of games relative to how many entries have been made.
StrandedGeek Featured By Owner 4 hours ago
Can't argue with that. With only Other M as a screw up there's not much to reinvent. Heck even then Other M had a good idea just very badly done. If they wanted to do the whole survival's guilt thing they should have done more than just Baby, including the 3 hunters from Prime3 mention her family again. Make it more like Samus' shell was cracking and Adam's death was a "Oh **** not again!"  moment. There's more but I'm sure you've heard this kind of rants NUMEROUS times.

Bit of a shame I'm sure you could come up with all kinds of epic ideas.  But then again I suppose you've also gotten like over 9,000 suggestions what kind of twist would you do for *insert favorite game/series here*.  Keep up the awesome stuff and I look forward to more. ^.^
Hi there i have a questions about star fox event horizon is it free to download and playing the game and krystal art are great
UndyingNephalim Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2015
Event Horizon is free to download and play, yes.
And do I have to sign in and make account in to download the game 
UndyingNephalim Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2015
I do not think you need an account to download the game.
commanderdelta2468 Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2015  Student Artist
Hey undying I noticed the models of the starfox event horizon characters and was wondering will they be used for the character models of the pilots if so I sort of dislike them I mean as badass as they are I like the older ones as they make me think of the older starfox games
paxtofettel Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2015
I'm curious:

How did you manage to include naval combat in Great Sea Total War? 
UndyingNephalim Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2015
I found some loopholes with how settlements work and combined it with some animation trickery.
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